History, Beliefs and Origins of Judaism


The English word 'Judaism' is derived from the Hebrew word 'Yehudah' which is called Judaism in Bengali. It is the name of an Abrahamic monotheistic ethnic religion. The culture, beliefs, philosophy, history of the Jewish people are reflected in this religion.

It is the tenth largest religion in the world by number of followers . Torah in the Hebrew Bible, the name of a large section of the Tanakh, the Jewish scriptures. Synagogue is the name of Jewish place of worship.

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Religious Jews consider this religion to be an expression of the covenant between God and the children of Israel. Israel is the only Jewish state in the world. Some consider this state to be a Zionist state, it is true that this state has democracy.

What religion do Jews follow?

The religion of Jews is called Judaism in English and Judaism in Bengali.

Just as Muslims believe in 7 things (Mufassal in faith) Jews also believe in 13 principles of Rambam .

1. There is a creator

2. The Creator is One and Unique

3. The creator is formless

4. God is heavenly

5. Worship should be done only for Him (Creator) and no one else

6. The words of the prophets are true

7. Prophethood of Moses (Moses) is true, he is the best of prophets

8. The written and oral forms of the Torah were given to Moses

9. There is no other version of the Torah

10. God is aware of human thoughts and actions

11. God will reward good people and punish evil people

12. Messiah will come

13. The dead will be resurrected

What does the word Messiah mean?

According to the Jews, Messiah does not mean a savior, it means a king who will have the same characteristics as the Jewish kings of earlier days. Muslims and, like Christians, differ in this respect.

By this means a king like David, Christians interpret the term 'moshiach' (separate) to mean Jesus Christ as the Messiah, which the Hebrew Jews deny.

Muslims want the Messiah to mean the prophet Muhammad - because he was like a king, made political and religious reforms, rebuilt the synagogues, established the rules of the Qur'an as the rule of the state.

But, the Jews deny it completely because, he was not the son of David, he did not establish a kingdom in Israel that was the center of the whole world. 

Answers to some questions

Question: What is the history of Judaism?

Answer:   The term is also ethnic. Abraham is called a Hebrew in the Old Testament of the Bible. Abraham's ancestor was named 'Ebor' hence the word. Incidentally, Israel was another name of Yaqub (Jacob). Christianity preserves the continuity of this religion. The Jewish books are called the Old Testament of the Bible.

Question: What are the festivals of Judaism?

Answer: Followers of Judaism have many religious festivals. We will try to present the biggest festivals to you one by one -
Passover: It is an eight-day event. Children of Israel Independence Day. On this day Moses freed the children of Israel from Egyptian slavery.

Rosh Hashanah or, Jewish New Year: This day commemorates the creation of the world. 'Lisanah Tovah Tikatev' means Happy New Year.
Yom Kippur: Day of Repentance. On this day, prayers, fasting for 25 hours, performing these rituals, seek forgiveness from the Creator.
Sukkoth: They remember the days when they made tents and houses of trees in the desert before returning to their land.
Hanukkah: The Feast of the Two Hundred Years Before the Birth of Christ. Celebrating their victory in the Holy Land against religious killings. It is called the festival of lights.
Tishabayab: It is a day on which many sad events happened to the Jews.
Tu Beshavat: It is one of the four new years.
Yom Hashoah: A day set aside to commemorate the Holocaust.

Question: Who is the founder of Judaism?

Answer: Abraham is known as the founder of this religion. The Creator first revealed Himself to him. His race was the chosen race whom the Creator had made into a great nation. Besides, Moses is also considered by many to be the originator of this religion.

Question: What is the meaning of the word Israel?

Answer: Another name of Yaqub or Jacob, the son of Abraham or Ibrahim (AS) was Israel. In Genesis of the Bible he wrestled with angels.

Then he was named Israel. There are various differences of opinion regarding the literal interpretation. His children were originally known as Israelites. This name is seen among Jews, Christians, Muslims.

What is the meaning of the Jewish call to prayer?

Just as the Muslims call everyone to prayer through the call to prayer, such call to prayer was and still is practiced among the Jews. That is Shyama Yisrael . I don't see its Bengali meaning-

Hear, O people of Israel. Adonai is our creator, Adonai is the only one

This is Shyama Yisrael, as it is originally called. If you want to see the meaning of the main paragraph of the sham , that can also be shown. It's more like,

You should love Adonai, your Creator, with all your heart, with all your soul. And with all the strength. And these words which I command you today, should be in your heart. You should teach your children too. Tell them when you are sitting at home, tell them on the journey, when you lie down and when you get up. Keep it on your hand as a sign, keep it as an eyeball. Write it on the door of the house, write it on the gate of the house.

Collected this from Jewish Virtual Library.

The Ten Commandments or, The Ten Commandments of Moses

Moses freed the Jewish nation from a long period of slavery and gave the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments of Moses are God's instructions given to Moses and his people.

The Ten Commandments or, The Ten Commandments of Moses
Ten Commandments in Hebrew found in a synagogue in Amsterdam
The Jews are God's chosen nation , so they have more responsibility, they have to obey the Ten Commandments of Moses, for others there are 7 laws of Noah. Jews have dietary rules similar to Muslim halal food, called kosher food, they worship three times a day, and observe Saturday as a day of rest.
Let's look at the Ten Commandments-
  • I am your Lord, your Creator. I brought you out of Egypt, freed you from slavery. Before me there was no creator.
  • Do not make any idols that resemble anything, on earth, above or under water, and do not worship them. Your Lord is revengeful. If you do not obey my instructions, I will punish your next generation, and if you obey my instructions, I will be kind to you.
  • Do not misuse the name of your Lord. I will not forgive him for misusing my name
  • Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. Do all your work on day 6, do nothing on day 7. None of your sons, daughters, slaves, immigrants from other countries. Your Lord created everything in 6 days, and rested on the seventh day
  • If you respect your parents, you will live long
  • don't kill
  • do not commit adultery
  • don't steal
  • Do not bear false witness against your neighbor
  • Do not covet your neighbor's house. Do not covet your neighbor's wife, slave, donkey, or anything.

These Ten Commandments are recorded in Exodus and Deuteronomy . There are different opinions about it. However, it is certain that according to Jewish belief Yahweh (Creator) sent these ten commandments to Moses or Moses. Christians also respect it, and many follow it.

Judaism and Islam have many similarities, but also many differences . Here I will write about the differences. The word Jew comes from 'Yahuda'. The son of Jacob and brother of Yusuf was Yahuda or, Yehuda. Jews claim that Abraham or Ibrahim is the originator of this religion. However, theologians consider Moses as the originator of this religion.

What is the difference between Islam and Judaism?
Like Muslims, Jews are monotheists. They also worship like praying, eat kosher food like halal food. There are many more such similarities.

What are the differences between Islam and Judaism?

Both these religions are Abrahamic. Moses, or Moses, who saved the Jewish nation from Pharaoh, is considered the messenger of God in both religions. Worship and food also have many similarities. Both Islam and Judaism prohibit pork, and the Jewish ritual of worship is similar to the Muslim prayer.

Muhammad is the preacher of this religion
The preacher of this religion was Musa or Moses
It is mainly grown in the Arabian PeninsulaIt focuses on Israel, Palestine and Jordan
The Creator is called AllahGod is called Yahweh
The holy book QuranThe Holy Scripture Torah
The second source is hadithThe second source is the Talmud
Pious Muslims follow Sharia lawReligious Jews follow the laws of Halakah
The Jews are called Kitabi. Islam is the true religionIslam is seen as a corruption of Judaism


(Information   taken from Scott Vitkovich at researchgate.net )

In addition, Jewish kosher food does not include camel meat, which Muslims eat as halal food. While Jesus is considered the Messiah by Muslims, Jews see him as an ordinary Jewish rabbi. The miracle of birth does not mean.


How many Jewish states?

If we talk about the state, then Israel is the only Jewish state in the world . Since Bangladesh has not yet officially recognized this state, we may not consider it as a state. Apart from that, Jewish people live in many countries like USA, France, Canada, Russia etc.

The Muslim majority countries of the Middle East are also inhabited by followers of Judaism. The name of the religion of Israel is Judaism. All followers of this religion get citizenship and can live in the country called Israel.

Is there a Jewish community in Bangladesh?

It is believed that there was a small community in Dhaka during British rule in Bangladesh and Pakistan ( originally from Baghdad ) who emigrated in the 1960s. Besides, 2/1 students have studied in Dhaka University. Louis I. Kahn, who designed the National Parliament of Bangladesh, was also a Jew by race. We also know about JFR Jacob, who fought for Bangladesh on behalf of India's allies in the Bangladesh War of Independence.

What is an Orthodox Jew?

People who believe in early, rigid, age-long reforms are generally called Orthodox. You can say that he believes in traditional beliefs and does not favor any kind of moderation. Such people are also known as Orthodox among Jews.

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