Aroz Ali Matubbar was a self-taught philosopher


Aroj Ali Matubbar was a farmer and a Matubbar from Barisal. Later he studied science, history, religion, philosophy etc. and became a self-taught philosopher. He questioned many of the prevailing religious beliefs and practices and expressed his own opinion on some issues. 

Library of Aroj Ali Matubbar

This person who got life membership of Bangla Academy built a library named ' Aroj Manzil Public Library ' with his earned wealth . He received honors from the Udichi Artists Group and the Humayun Kabir Literary Award. 
When the books of Barisal library could not meet his knowledge needs, a teacher of the college arranged to borrow the books of the college library. Self-educated, Aroj Ali Matubbar was a highly educated person despite being confined to the confines of formal education schools. 
His famous book 'In Search of Truth' . This book presents 68 (maybe more or less) questions. For example: 
  • who am i
  • Am I free? 
  • Are mind and soul the same thing? 
  • How does the soul enter and leave the body? 

Atheist Matubbar

It is believed that after the death of his mother, the people of the village did not agree to perform Janaza, which made him reluctant to the traditional religion, rules and reforms. The photo was taken after his mother's death, for which the village mullahs, maulviras did not perform the funeral .

He spent most of his life studying. He also asked many questions to well-known scholars in our society. He saw Islam as possible from within its limits.

On the plus side, he didn't blindly believe anything anyone said. He tried his best to find out about it. I did not find it in his writings what hypocrisy means. Many people don't understand – in our time one can listen to lectures of Shabir Ali, Yasir Qadir, it was not possible then. Undoubtedly he searched for the truth which most of the people of Bangladesh do not.

This man ran to people to learn, collected books from the college library with the help of a teacher. Created a library myself. A man with no formal education is self-taught and writes books.

Did not attack religion

Even as a Muslim I liked him because he was curious, eager to ask questions. The so-called religious people around him did not seek the truth as he did, and could not answer his questions.

We find many other persuasive atheists who only love to attack Islam. They can be identified as Islamophobic, not atheists. Hatred is a crime in any case. At the same time, everyone should have the right to express their opinion. Recently, Arif Azad has written a book answering his question - called 'Aroj Ali Sameepe'. Undoubtedly, this is a very good initiative.

Words of Matubbar

 A quote by Aroj Ali Matubbar-

If a person feeds a hungry person and robs a wayfarer and kills someone else or houses a homeless person and sets another's house on fire, he cannot be called 'merciful'.

We are writing here about Aroj Ali Matubbar because he raised many questions about religion and sought answers to them. This website gives information about religion, so he is also relevant. There is no way that you as a religious person have to agree with him. Mr. Matubbar did not know the latest information or expert analysis about everything. Safe to say he was wise and sought the truth. 
Books written by Aroj Ali Matubbar- 'In Search of Truth' and 'Srishtirhasya' bear the identity of his knowledge and wisdom. You don't have to be like a man to know his way of life and his thoughts. So, even as a religious person you can read his book.

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