Mormonism, or Latter Day Saints, is a branch of Christianity, but most Christians do not want to admit they are Christians. Its founder is Joseph Smith. It is sometimes called the fourth Abrahamic religion, like the Baha'i faith. But they claim to be followers of Christianity.

Mormonism differs from mainstream Christianity

The main difference is that they consider God the Holy Father as a flesh and blood body like Jesus. Here are some more points of difference
  • By Trinity they do not mean one Creator, but three. According to their belief there are thousands of other gods, which are more consistent with polytheistic concepts
  • According to them human beings can also attain godhood
  • Jesus was first the heavenly Son of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. Later he was born as a human being in the womb of Mary
  • According to his belief, people will go to three types of heaven after death, the worst people will go to hell
  • They consider the incident of Adam's departure from Paradise as a righteous act. It is through this that God's purpose is fulfilled
In other beliefs they are roughly the same as other Christians. This religion, which was preached by Joseph Smith in 1820, later became very popular. They claim to have reverted back to the original beliefs of Christianity.

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