Rastafari, Mani and Krama religions


It is sometimes pronounced Ras Tafari rather than Rastafari. It is an Abrahamic religion and possibly the only Abrahamic religion that originated in Jamaica, Africa.

This religion originated in 1930, thus it is the newest religion. It also developed as a political movement . Protestant Christianity and African political culture are mixed with its core beliefs.

Rastafari faith like?

Belief in God is similar to Christianity. They call the creator "Jah" . There is a belief in Jesus and many believe that Jesus Christ was black. They do not cut their hair, so if you see the followers of this religion, you will see people with big hair.

Jamaica is hell, Ethiopia is heaven. According to the BBC, they want to return to their native Ethiopia for this reason. The two features are-

  • They are health conscious
  • does not drink alcohol

It is not a state recognized religion. Girls are considered subordinate to men , they look after the king. They wear a special type of headgear that is not like the Muslim , Jewish or, Christian Pope's headgear.

Mani religion

It originated in Iran. Money religion is a very old religion. A gentleman named Mani preached this religion in Iran between 200-300 AD . It can now be called an extinct religion. It spread to different parts of Asia. It spread to China. In this religion two worlds are spoken of-

  • bright world
  • dark world

According to him, in the conflict between these two types of worlds , darkness will first win, but in the end the world of light will emerge victorious . At that time missionaries like Buddha, Jesus, Zoroaster were respected and followed.

According to Mani, their education is not complete. According to Wikipedia - Traces of this community can still be found in China. It is called religion of light. 

Krama Dharma

This religion originated in Bangladesh. It may not be wrong to call it the newest religion of the world. The scriptures of this religion are called 'Rayong Khiti' or, Good Principles. A section of the Maro population of Bangladesh follow this religion. Let me show you a video-

Manlai Mro started this religion in 1984 . It is now the second largest community religion in Mrod. Besides, Christianity and their own cultural practices are prevalent among them.

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