Shinto in Japan and the religion of Georgia


Shinto is a polytheistic religion. The word Shinto (or, Shintou) means the way of the gods. In this religion the creator is called kami. The followers of this religion believe that there are many gods. Evidence has been found that this doctrine existed even 660 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. The Japanese mainly follow this doctrine in all aspects of ritual.

In this essay, I will write a paragraph about the Shinto religion of Japan as well as the practiced religion of the people of Georgia. Because, our readers are also interested in that matter. Japanese culture is reflected in their religion.

Religion of Japan - Shinto religion

Theologians call it Far Eastern religion. There are believed to be 81,000 religious establishments and 85,000 followers in Japan. Amaterasu Omikami, the founder of the nation of Japan, is known as the originator of this religion . Buddhist philosophy is also popular with the Japanese, meaning that people who follow Buddhism can also be found in this country.

Many consider it a way of life rather than a religion. They have a scripture called 'Kojiki'. They do not believe in reincarnation but, believe in ancestral spirits. The priests of this religion are called Kanushi. A British diplomat W.G. Aston who was an expert on the history and language of Korea-Japan said,

"Shinto is essentially a religion of gratitude and love"

Islam in Japan

It is estimated that about 100,000 Muslims live in Japan. According to Hiroshi Kojima, a Japanese researcher , there are 70,000 Muslims in Japan, 90 percent of them are from abroad, and 10 percent are local. According to Pew Research, this number is actually 1 lakh 85 thousand (in 2010).

We don't know the timing of Hiroshi Kojima's comments, so his words could be as true as Pew Research's. According to a website called JapanFocus there are 30/40 mosques.

Wikipedia lists some famous Muslim names. Sharing the names with you-

  • Antonio Inoki
  • Ryouchi Mita
  • Abdul Hakeem Sunny Brown
  • Kohan Kawaoshi
  • Dewi Sukarno

During World War II, when Muslims came into contact with the Japanese, some conversions may have occurred.

Religion of Georgia

83.4% of people in this country are Orthodox Christians. Many people think that Georgians are mainly Muslim, they are wrong. However, Muslims probably have more in common with Orthodox than with Catholics, Protestants. Some Georgians also follow the Russian or Armenian Church.

The number of Muslims in Georgia is about 10% of the total population. They live in certain areas. Catholics make up less than 1%. There are also a small number of Jews in this country. Jews have lived here for 2000 years, there are also Bahais. According to the constitution, there is religious freedom here.

The two countries mentioned here are located in two different continents. Japan is one of the strongest economies in East Asia, and Georgia is a beautiful country in Europe that used to be part of the Soviet Union.

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