Taoism and the concept of Yin, Yang


The word Tao means 'the natural way or principle of the universe'. Taoism is considered a philosophy and a religion at the same time. China's rural doctrine once emerged as the state religion of the Tang state. Lao Tzu Tao is considered to be the founder of this religion . This religion is influenced by Yin Yang doctrine. Attempts to gain immortality or, artificially create gold, have been seen by Chinese Taoists.

This religion originated in China 2500 years ago. It is also the connection between life and the world

What is the basic belief of Taoism?

The rules or laws governing the world are also there. By performing certain rituals people can live forever. Living in harmony with nature and simplicity is the hallmark of this religion.

What do you believe in God?

Abraham does not believe in an omnipotent being like God. Everything in the world originates from the Tao and everything flows towards the Tao.
Holy Scriptures

Like other faiths, Taoism has its own books, or collections of books. The most respected book is called 'Tao Te Ching' and it is easy to guess who wrote it, Laozhi Tao.

Do not think that this is God It is actually communication between everything . Everything in the world depends on Tao.

Concept of Yin and Yang

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The symbol on the right is very popular worldwide. We know, and rightly so, that this symbol is commonly used to denote the coexistence of good and evil. Their belief in all forms of retrograde morality is that good and evil exist as single entities, regardless of what we think.

This symbol of Ying-Yang is very popular and many confuse it with Illuminati which I think is not correct. Ying-Yang is only related to Taoism and nothing else.

Chinese people are all followers of Buddhism?

No, there are people of different religions in China, although China is officially an atheist country (information can be provided if requested) there are people of Chinese Buddhism (their beliefs are different from other regions), Confucianism, Taoism/Daoism etc. or philosophies.
The relationship between Taoism and other philosophies prevalent in China is quite complex. A person may (or may not) be a believer in Buddhism and Taoism at the same time.


It is basically Christianity. Muslims regard Jesus Christ as a prophet That is why the religion preached by Prophet Jesus is called Christianity or Christianity . Many Christians are comfortable with this identity. They call themselves Christians.

Religion of Bengal

There is no such separate religion. However, we know the meaning of the word religion. So the culture that Bengalis hold is the religion of Bengal. It could be wearing a lungi, wearing a saree, singing baul songs, eating pitha on winter days etc. It is threatened, on the verge of extinction, comments are often heard.

Each person has different characteristics. Again, the people of every race, every country have certain characteristics that cannot be matched by anyone else in the world. These are actually the religion of that country or nation.

Motahar Hossain Chowdhury says,

Religion is the culture of common people. And culture is the religion of educated, elegant people

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