The Prophet's Promise to the Christian Monks



The Prophet's commitment to Christian monks is recognized as a historical document. St. Catherine's Church is one of the oldest churches in the world. The covenant is preserved in the church near Mount Sinai. Even if you are a non-Muslim you can read this, it has historical basis .

What was the incident?

In 628 AD , a group of representatives of Christians left the church and requested Rasulullah (SAW) to grant them protection. In view of this he gave them an undertaking in which, there were instructions regarding their rights and security. This ancient church, like the Vatican, preserves all the ancient documents and evidence of historical events. They still have a copy of that document from 1400-1500 years ago .


A message from Muhammad son of Abdullah to those who profess Christianity, near and far, We are with them. I, the servants, supporters and followers will protect them. Because Christians are my citizens. In the name of Allah, my position is against anything that causes their displeasure.  There is no coercion on them. Their judges will not lose their jobs, their clergy will not leave their synagogues. No one will destroy their shrines, do no harm and will not take some Muslims from house to house. If someone takes something, it means that he has broken his promise with Allah and disobeyed the Prophet. Surely they (Christians) are My partners and holders of My security in matters which they dislike.  No one will force them to travel or fight. Muslims will fight for them. If a Christian woman marries a Muslim man, it cannot happen without the woman's consent. The woman will not be prevented from worshiping in the church. Their churches will be respected. No one will prevent them from reforming the Church or preserving holiness. None of the (Muslim) nation will disobey this order until the Last Day (Qiyamat). Now think about how much Muslims obey what Rasulullah (SAW) said.

Read the first and last sentences again . It will be clear that this is not only for the St. Catherine church of that time, but it is a universal instruction for Muslims (Information collected from and Khaleej Times, if you disagree with the information please comment)

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